Be Still

Be still: not moving or making a sound, motionless, deep silence
The season of being still can sometimes feel very quiet, and rightfully so as it was a surprise to me that “deep silence” was part of the definition to “be still”. Being still in the presence of God is to move only when He says to move. For me, I find myself many times being so distracted by things going on around me or assignments, or just finding something to do, that I don’t take the time to be still in God’s presence long enough to find out what He wants me to do. This season is causing me to be completely quiet, so that I can hear what it is that He wants to say. The word says, as many of us know and quote so very often, “be still and know that I am God”. 

As I reflect on why I have struggled to be still, it’s mostly because I am running from something or trying to make something happen on my own, but the only reason I would do that is because I must not be trusting God to do it or to lead me in a particular area. If I KNOW God, and His ways, I can trust Him and be still enough to listen to His instructions and allow Him to do what needs to be done. #BeStill

These were very tough instructions for me as it would either require me to be still or I would be stilled. Yield to the process, there’s a reason God may be telling you to be still, understand that He knows what is up ahead and this may be your season of preparation for what is coming and where He desires to take you. Know it’s not just for you, but for a greater calling and purpose. Do not take it as a punishment, He calls us to be still and draw closer to Him because He loves us. 


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